Paralleled Worlds

May 19, 2018

This is about a dream from last night which is so blizzard that it urges me to represent it, despite the best I could do for it was no better than scrap.

There was A small house. It has A room and A tenant, me. For some who-knows-what reason, I had always been aware that the room was the intersection between two paralleled worlds.

One day, a horrible event broke out from nowhere—though I am unable to tell if it was an earthquake or a burst of despair that is extreme enough to catalyze hope. I was submerged in indefinite darkness, so crumbed, so enfeeble to recognize my own fear. I told myself this is life. Nothing to get desperate about.

A morning was following. I woke up from my bed, saw the sun rising from the west, and noticed a shadow cast from the opposite direction from that of the day before. Suddenly I realized the paralleled world just ARRIVED. As quick as a flash, my heart was fully filled with piece.